How QueueBuster POS Can Be a Game Changer for Retail Stores

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How QueueBuster POS Can Be a Game Changer for Retail Stores

By Shreyansh Saini   Published:   April 26th, 2024

India’s central government launched the Digital India campaign in 2015 to transform the country into a digitally enabled, knowledge-based economy. Since then the program has worked to revolutionize India’s financial, social, and governance landscape.

The country’s digital payments ecosystem has witnessed a dramatic change too. In 2021 India recorded 48 billion transactions, the highest number of real-time financial transactions globally. This figure is almost three times greater than China’s and 6.5 times that of the US, Canada, France, and Germany combined.

By the close of 2022, the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) had recorded a 91.11% year-on-year increase in the number of UPI transactions. Digital transactions contributed a massive 98% share of all non-cash retail payments. With a large number of small and unorganized players in the retail space, there is a huge potential for growth in the digital payments business.

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    Point-of-Sale (POS) systems have leveraged emerging technologies and favorable ecosystems to help retailers improve efficiency and sales. QueueBuster (QB) POS is one of the major players in this ecosystem.

    How Does a POS System Work?

    A POS system consists of hardware and software that retailers employ to keep track of their sales, inventory, transactions, accounts, etc. The system is user-friendly and can be quickly set up and moved, making it a go-to solution for most small and medium businesses. In addition, it also allows easy integration with other apps and software by online retailers. Thus proving an efficient way to manage sales, inventory, reports and carry out analysis to enable informed decisions.

    retail pos system

    QueueBuster is India’s Business Super App. It offers retailers and businesses a full-featured POS billing software to manage all requirements related to invoices, inventory, khata, online stores, customers, loyalty programs & more. Read on to discover more of its amazing features and cutting-edge technology that powers it.

    Features of the QueueBuster POS System?

    The QBuster POS takes care of the end-to-end requirements of the POS ecosystem while being functional, practical, and highly efficient:

    • Quick Bill: This unique feature of the QB POS allows retailers to create an invoice instantly without adding any catalog.
    • Accept Payments: Can accept multiple modes of payment from customers.
    • Billing & Invoices: Businesses can create a catalog of products to bill the customers with ease.
    • eStore / Online Dukaan: This feature allows retailers to set up online stores.
    • Khata / Digital Ledger: Seeks to revolutionize the way records are maintained by digitizing the daily ledger (khata).
    • Inventory Control: Manage stock information at the outlet level and at the SKU level for all products in the catalog.
    • Customer Management & Loyalty: The QB POS system offers capabilities to manage customers and award points and discounts for loyalty based on their purchase history.
    • Promotions: Offering discounts on-the-spot or applying them from a pre-defined list.
    • Reports: The system provides meaningful and valuable insights using its comprehensive set of business reports.
    • Roles: The QB POS system allows retailers to add unlimited employees and efficiently manage their roles and responsibilities through the thoughtfully designed administration dashboard.
    • Cloud Backup: The QB POS software is provided through Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. This ensures the protection of business data even in the event of one of the devices being lost.
    • Offline Mode: The software has a built-in emergency feature that allows it to work seamlessly in the event of any disruption to the internet connection. It then automatically syncs the data when the internet connection has been restored.
    • Device Integrations: The QB POS software comes pre-configured to integrate a wide range of devices. These include barcode scanners, printers, payment providers & other software worldwide. It also offers add-on services that help users to connect with their existing tools without any change in their business processes.
    • Large Data Handling Capacity: The QB system makes it very easy to manage catalogs with a wide variety of products, with its bulk upload tools based on Excel and CSV formats.
    • Multiple Locations: Businesses can add more outlets very easily and keep pace with expanding business.

    Type of Retail Business Covered by QueueBuster POS Billing Software

    The QB POS system caters to a wide variety of businesses ranging from small kirana outlets to large retail chains. Given below are the types of businesses that this system has been designed for:

    • Retail POS: These include fashion and apparel, cosmetics, footwear, accessories, gift shops, carts and kiosks.
    • Restaurant POS: This caters to fine-dine, quick-service restaurants, food courts, food trucks, bars and pubs, casual dining, bakery and confectionaries, cloud kitchens, sweet shops and railway train catering.
    • Grocery POS: These include POS systems for kirana stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, FMCG and fruit & vegetable outlets.
    • Spa & Salon POS: Speciality spas, single & multi-outlet salons and gyms are included in this category.
    • Electronic POS: These businesses include mobile & accessories shops, home appliances and electronics showrooms.

    Benefits of using QueueBuster POS Billing Solutions

    The QB POS Billing Solutions offers a host of benefits to its users. These are elaborated below:

    • Easy to Set Up and Use: QB POS is designed to be user-friendly and can be set up quickly with minimal need for training.
    • Cost-effective: The system is relatively affordable and can help store owners save money on processing costs.
    • Staff Scheduling: QB POS allows for the scheduling of sales staff. This increases transparency and efficiency.
    • Customer Support Team: The POS software caters to customer support requirements by providing options for incorporating a customer support team.
    • Minimal Hardware Requirement: The POS can be set up by merely using an Android device.
    • Offline Mode: Billing can continue seamlessly even if there is a disruption in the internet connection.
    • Vast List of Features: The vast number of features provides the flexibility of using the QB POS system for a wide range of businesses from a small kirana store to large multi-outlet businesses.
    • Transactions in Multiple Currencies: The QB POS system has been designed to accept transactions in multiple currencies. This allows the business to reach out to clients across the globe.

    Challenges of the QueueBuster POS

    While QB has its benefits, it does have some challenges that retail stores should be aware of:

    • Vendor Management:Though this is currently working satisfactorily, it needs improvement and fine-tuning to make it more user-friendly.
    • Desktop Version: Currently there is no desktop version of the software. The addition of a Desktop version will greatly enhance its acceptance with more retailers.
    • Payment Options: More payment options need to be made available. Currently, the buy now, pay later option is unavailable.
    • Financing Options: Currently there are no financing options. The availability of business loans and financing options will improve adoption by small retailers and businesses.

    Get Started with the QueueBuster POS

    Three steps are all that it takes to get started with the QB POS:

    1. Download the App: Go to the website, Download the app using the Google Play store link provided.
    2. Sign Up for Free: You can sign up for a QB account on the QB website. Enter details of your business and activate a free trial for 30 days.
    3. Setup Your POS: QB POS comes with a free card reader that can be used to accept payments from credit and debit cards. Connect the card reader to your device via the audio jack or Bluetooth.

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      QueueBuster has been awarded the Most Popular Software – 2022 by the SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2022. The system is a popular choice for brick-and-mortar retailers as well as online sellers, who want to manage their businesses more efficiently. Like any software system, this too has its share of weaknesses. However, its pros far outweigh the cons, thereby making this system hugely sought-after by a wide range of businesses.

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