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Customer Behaviour Tracking- Shortcut to Repeat Customers at Your Store

With the increasing availability of user-friendly data analytics tools and affordable cloud-based […]

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Know The Power of Effective Loyalty Marketing

Retaining an existing customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than […]

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5 Examples Of Innovative Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is a marketing program in which a business tries […]

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Customer Loyalty Program

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Customer Loyalty Program for Your Retail Store

Most people must have heard the phrase “customer is king’ but only […]

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Restaurant Loyalty Programs: What You Need to Know

How are restaurants able to determine customer loyalty? Or, more importantly, how […]

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How Can Multi Store Outlets Retain Customers With CRM and POS Solution?

As a multi-store outlet, you may be looking for ways to streamline […]

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How Can Multi Store Outlets Retain Customers With CRM And POS Apps

Simplifying Multi-Store Outlet Operations with CRM and POS Apps Understanding CRM and […]

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How to connect better with your customers: Establishing a Loyalty Program

Business owners’ chief priority is to grow and operate a successful business, […]

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