10 Spa And Salon Marketing Trends That Will Boom In 2024

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10 Spa And Salon Marketing Trends That Will Boom In 2024

By Shreyansh Saini   Published:   May 20th, 2024

Consistent, positive, and proactive communication with the end user is the key to success for any consumer-facing brand. A brand’s communication should generate interest in a product or service, increase brand awareness, boost business and improve the brand’s profitability.

Businesses can only grow with effective communication or marketing campaigns, including those in the hospitality industry like spa and salon. Entrepreneurs of such enterprises constantly look for new techniques and communication channels to drive value from each dollar spent on such campaigns.

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    Running a spa business is increasingly becoming a complex operation in the hyper-competitive business ecosystem. Not only are customers looking for ultra-personalized services, but they are also becoming more demanding as far as overall customer experience is concerned. Spa owners are looking to systems like Queuebuster Spa POS software for innovative salon marketing ideas as they access a full-stack POS solution with inbuilt Customer Relationship Management capabilities.

    There are quite a few innovative salon marketing ideas that will boom in 2024. But of course, technology would remain the key driver for such marketing campaigns, and systems like QB would keep on taking center stage. There can be no let up in the marketing campaigns for the spa owner, digital marketer, manager, or even a hotel owner overseeing spa operations.

    Here’s the list of the top 10 salon marketing ideas that will remain in vogue in 2024.

    10 Salon marketing ideas, strategies, and business tactics to boost business

    Before engaging with any new customer, any spa or salon brand must ensure that its business foundations are strong. A clear indicator of whether the business is well equipped to serve the customer base is to check the number of repeat customers the enterprise has. Analyzing repeat customers shall help them and their CRM partners devise an effective marketing strategy.

    Here are some marketing ideas that salon and spa brands can use to scale up their business.

    1.     Reward customer loyalty

    An enterprise has to ensure that part of its marketing budget goes into rewarding customer loyalty. Numerous management studies indicate that acquiring a new customer is seven times more costly than retaining an old one. Thus it makes much sense to invest in maintaining a repeat customer base. A brand can show good intent and appreciation by gifting repeat customers gifts like holiday vouchers, birthday gifts, or even a surprise order for their favorite snack. Such unexpected delights go a long way in building customer experience and encouraging the spread of positive feedback.

    2.     Be ready with the hook of `next service’ vouchers

    One easy way to acquire repeat business from the same customer base is to keep the hook of `next service’ vouchers ready. Before a customer leaves its premise, any spa and salon owner should ensure they offer discount vouchers and other freebies to lure them into scheduling their next service appointment on the spot. This way, the appointment calendar will be booked months in advance, and the customers will also get great service at a price point that will delight them.

    3.     Online interaction with customers is a must 

    Customer feedback is the lifeblood of running a successful spa or salon operation. In today’s connected world, online feedback is a vital channel. A business needs to consistently check and respond to customers’ feedback over the internet. A business must be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly but should always show empathy, respect, and intent to improve its services during such sessions.

    4.     Seasonal offers are good business drivers during slow periods 

    There are periods in a year when any business witnesses a dip in bookings. This regularly happens with spas and salons in and around a travel destination. Such enterprises need to create season based marketing strategy. Some examples of such activities are fall-themed promotional vouchers for autumn, `back to school’ campaigns during mid-summer, and seasonal discount offerings to attract more customers.

    5.     Jazz up the menu of services 

    It always makes sense to test the acceptance of any service by the customer base before launching it. One simple hack for this exercise is to create a `next visit’ voucher centered on this new service. For instance, a discount voucher of, say, 30 percent on the service charge can be disbursed between existing customers, if they avail of the new service before a specific date. A spa owner should be attentive to the response thus generated to get an idea regarding the scale of its launch.

    6.     Tailor-made spa packages clinch the deal 

    Once enough data has been garnered by conducting such promotional campaigns, a salon and spa business can get down to creating unique packages that may include a mix of popular services, products, and treatments. Examples of such a package can be a detox package or a complete skin care package. A business owner can proactively engage with the CRM service provider to curate and manage the package.

    7.     Know thy customer 

    A common business mistake that many spa and salon operators make is to launch a product or service without knowing the opinion of their target audience. Businesses must consider their brand’s service expenses, product pricing, and unique selling pointers. They can then create effective marketing collaterals that can find resonance with the target audience.

    8.     Social media advertisement is the holy grail 

    Today, no brand is outside the purview of social media. If a business does not take social media advertisements seriously, it risks its brand, as negative word of mouth spreads equally fast. An advertisement campaign can be run through Facebook Ad Manager on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Plugging in a full-stack solution provider like Queuebuster is also a valid option. This way, a brand can design its activity in detail and plan the budgeting down to a penny.

    9.     Effectively use cross-promotions

    Unity brings strength. It is a good idea to identify other brands that are offering complimentary products or services. Reaching out to them and offering cross-promotional activities themed around self-care, wellness, or homeopathic services can give more visibility to the brand. The brand can also showcase works of locally made facemasks and face scrubs with cleansers and toners using herbal or organic products by charging a small fee on its product covers or advertisement campaigns.

    10. Host an open house or a small business event 

    Most localities have a chamber of commerce. A new spa or salon business operator can connect with this commerce chamber and host an open house or a small business event announcing its arrival. Such open-house hostings can serve as an excellent platform for networking.


    Effective customer engagement through innovative marketing campaigns will be the key to achieving a high-quality customer experience in the year 2024 for spa and salon brands. Judicious use of the internet and technology providers like Queuebuster is a must. Positivity and proactivity shown in this marketing campaign will bring in rich dividends for the brands. Networking and intelligent use of seasonality are other vital areas to consider.

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