Power Up Your Business with QueueBuster eStore

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Power Up Your Business with QueueBuster eStore

By QueueBuster   Published:   May 6th, 2021

Digital Ordering is a boon for everyone, it is the simplest approach to order anything online. Today, many industries are thriving because of this concept, people can order, customize and occasionally even receive free items, minus the hassle of communicating over the phone or ordering in-person.

Due to the ongoing CoronaVirus rampant, having a digital presence is a must. As social distancing and minimal physical contact services prevailing in the entire world, a digital back-end is essential for any business. This new normal had made a sudden paradigm shift in the Business World, with businesses rapidly modifying themselves as per the need.

QueueBuster too realized this need of the hour and concocted the idea of a customized eStore in this current pandemic. It has modified the shopping experience with social distancing and minimum contact, with easy checkout options, even at the lowest tier of the market.

QueueBuster eStore is an extension of QueueBuster POS software, authorizing businesses to sell online, allowing in-store ordering, offering pickup or local delivery, and accepting payments digitally. With the QueueBuster eStore, any business can start their online store within minutes & with absolute zero technological investment.

Through this eStore, businesses can sell their services and products across towns and states, with no product limitations. Merchants can sync in the online & offline inventory to prevent unnecessary overflowing of orders, they can make their customers scan their way through a safe, customized, and innovative catalog, and can pay through the QueueBuster QR-code or any digital payment option within seconds and with minimum physical contact. It also allows businesses to book a slot and limit the fuss of managing long queues during rush hours.

List any business and provide a virtual shopping experience to the Business 24*7 throughout the year. Make all this happen in no time.

Build your Online Business in Minutes

Create your eStore online without any difficulty, in just a few simple steps-

  1. Download the QueueBuster App
  2. Enable the eStore feature in the App
  3. Make a list of your catalogs
  4. Publish and manage the catalog for your customers to browse.
  5. Share and Promote your business reach.
  6. Make your online presence felt.

Seize the opportunity, start empowering your business, sell online and thrive.

For more information, visit QueueBuster

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