How QueueBuster POS is Reshaping the Restaurant Realm?


How QueueBuster POS is Reshaping the Restaurant Realm?

By QueueBuster   Published:   May 9th, 2021

Innovative technology has revolutionized the restaurant industry in India, bringing an unparalleled level of profitability and efficiency. Small & medium-sized restaurants have substantially gained from technological advancements and automated solutions. Thus, restaurant operators should identify the best technology solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Restaurant POS software is one such innovative system that has evolved into a comprehensive restaurant management solution for streamlining restaurant operations.

It is an undisputed fact that restaurant management software is integral for almost every restaurant. Many restaurateurs believe that a restaurant POS makes their work easier and results in higher sales.

It makes organizing tables, kitchens, and payments as simple as possible and addresses all your requirements in terms of preparing orders efficiently, standardizing operations, evaluating employee performance, and assisting you to optimize your order preparation time, thus allowing you to grow your business.

One such POS software is QueueBuster POS which is helping to create a substantial impact on the restaurant industry, and we at QueueBuster are seeking to alleviate the restaurant business in every potential manner.

Let’s look at some of the key operations and features of QueueBuster which will help you to understand the restaurant management system better.

Expand Your Restaurant Operations Through QueueBuster

Extend your restaurant with our expertise and capitalize on productive business possibilities.

  • Multiple Outlet Management

Restaurant chains are the most complicated challenges for most owners. Managing multiple outlets is a tough and tricky job, still Queuebuster POS lets you handle and organize your various outlets from a single screen. It also manages anything from recipes to procedures, to store management in one go.

  • Optimized Supply Chain Operations

By handling the restaurant supply chain operations, QueueBuster POS significantly streamlines activities. The restaurant must run smoothly in all areas including running the inventory, running orders, and every other aspect related to its profits. Furthermore, you can manage the number of raw materials needed per outlet. Having a clear record of pricing helps you manage your purchases.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Analyzing past reports is essential to any business. By examining the sales reports, you can see the growth curve clearly, and figure out the loopholes in your restaurant model if any. QueueBuster helps you get analytical reports that include the overall total of your restaurant’s footfall, the floor turnover rate, and peak hours.

Explore Unlimited QueueBuster Features

The features of a restaurant POS determines how beneficial and vital a POS software is. Our POS software allows you to go through endless characteristics that make restaurant management easy.

  • Flexibility

Nowadays consumers are using a variety of payment media while paying for their bills. With the increase in reliance on virtual currency and online wallets, only a small number of consumers prefer paying their bills through cash. That’s why we keep you up-to-date with the latest payment options, whether it’s card payments, online wallets, mobile payments, or payments through a QR code.

Our POS software delivers the flexibility required for restaurants that offer their customers a choice in their options.

  • User-Friendly

The ideal restaurant POS would be functional as well as easy to use. With our guidance technology becomes way smoother. It is an easy software that helps the first-line staff comply with it as they are often overwhelmed by current technologies.

  • Integrated Inventory Management

A restaurant that fails to automate inventory management incurs high labor costs, unchecked wastage, and creates a possibility for internal theft. Poor inventory management can cost further amounts in a competitive market like India, where the cost of running a restaurant is already high. Hence, a restaurant POS system would simplify the inventory management process while also reducing the recurrence costs and automating restaurant operations.

QueueBuster POS keeps an eye on the inventory management unit, so the restaurant’s stock is always at room temperature, and alerts are sent when items run out.

  • Menu Management

As restaurant trends in India are constantly changing, customers expect the restaurants to serve them with diverse cuisines and evolving specialties. Customers anticipate a menu that is updated every season with the latest dishes.

The skill to add or remove a menu item instantly in a restaurant is integral for the owner. Restaurant management software gives restaurant owners the advantage to make these modifications centrally through one system.

Our POS software very covertly and effortlessly handles the menu instantaneously with zero fallacies.

  • Ease in Ordering

In today’s restaurant world, practically every restaurant requires restaurant POS systems that facilitate effortless ordering. In India, the restaurants are widely known for their perfect ambiance according to their locations or types. Keeping that vibe alive takes a huge amount of exertion and resources. This calls for the requisite requirement of a restaurant management software like QueueBuster which enables customers to order their drinks and food from their mobiles or tablets, without interacting with the front-line staff.

  • Managing KOT

With QueueBuster, managing KOT is as simple as ordering. It is an automated restaurant KOT that minimizes the occurrence of manual errors, saves time, enables you to review all orders in real-time, and results in a reduction of monetary discrepancy.

  • Quick To Be Implemented

Thanks to technological advancement, QueueBuster POS can be used with on-premises systems. This software requires only a couple of hours to be fully implemented and set to work, ensuring minimum wastage of time

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Additional Features As Per Your Restaurant

There are also some additional features required by a restaurant depending upon the category of the restaurant. A bar would benefit greatly from the anti-theft feature to ensure there is little liquor theft. A fast-food restaurant would profit from a real-time report analysis. In contrast, table reservations are necessary at fine dining establishments.

For a restaurant’s every single need, we are designed with a potential feature.

The key restaurant performance indicators can positively influence your revenues, leading to higher profit margins and attracting more customers. Investing in excellent restaurant POS software is a sure way to grow your business and increase revenue.

QueueBuster has understood these requirements perfectly and has crafted the software in such a way so that every restaurant business demand is fulfilled exceptionally well.

To know about more features, visit our website at

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