Grocery Billing Software to Be the Game Changer for Kirana Stores 

Grocery Billing Software

Grocery Billing Software to Be the Game Changer for Kirana Stores 

By QueueBuster   Published:   March 6th, 2024

There comes a time in every business lifecycle when embracing change becomes synonymous with survival and growth. The same holds true for the neighbourly kirana stores. Even today, when the digital wave has touched all our lives, 4 out of 5 retail stores in India operate in the informal economy and remain cash intensive. In short, they still don’t have a grocery POS solution integrated into their operations.

They have manual business processes when it comes to financial accounting and store operations. If you are an owner of such an enterprise, because of low digital adoption your growth prospects are already getting stymied. In this data-driven finance era, your creditworthiness is suffering, and you will not be raising capital at an interest rate that can aid in your business expansion.

Non-Adoption Of Grocery Billing Software Is Costing You Dearly!

If your grocery store is purely physical, your business will tend to be extremely geography dependent, will cater to a smaller area, and will end up monitoring your inventory levels and staff engagements always in person. Yes, cash is the preferred mode of payment in your Kirana store as it provides a sense of control and gives the impression of ease of business, but this control is coming at the cost of growth and a radiant future.

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    In our country, the retail industry is increasingly becoming organised, and E-tailing (E-commerce Retailing) is fast becoming the way of life for consumers. Large E-tailers are engaging with Kirana stores like yours to take customer engagement to the next level. A strong `digital thread’ is getting created between the consumer and the retailer, and grocery POS software is proving to be the synapse. If you don’t have a digital backbone of operations, you are bound to miss out on this growth opportunity.

    The Government And Private Sector Are Pushing For Grocery POS Adoption

    Traditional retailers like you are increasingly collaborating with large retailers (including E-tailers), and this is helping grocery stores to overcome their operational inefficiencies. Your store can now access advanced technologies and tools like grocery POS software, and this directly leads to access to cheaper cash.  Since Kirana Stores Billing Software save cost, increase efficiency and speed, enhance transparency and security, and help in accountability and inclusive growth, Government and private players like QueueBuster are making efforts to spur its adoption.

    Today the landscape is marred with early resistance since proprietors seem hesitant – India has 1.2 Crore Kirana stores, and only 15,000 have digitised their operations so far- in the last couple of years, the year-on-year growth has shown tremendous potential and a change of attitude.

    Several policy decisions have been made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to support the adoption of digital payments, as laid out in its `Payment and Settlement Systems in India’ vision document. To encourage the adoption of grocery billing software in Tier III to Tier VI cities, the bank has set up a Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) with an initial outlay of INR 500 Crore. This has been done to boost the confidence level of small retailers and push them to go for digital transformation.

    Technology Is Here To Help

    You may remember the old days when you used a small cabinet to store cash. Times have changed fast. Today technology can empower you with stocking larger inventory, transparent tracking, and secure financial transactions. If your ambition is to compete with large retailers in your area, then grocery POS solution from emerging companies like QueueBuster is a boon for you. Advanced grocery POS software comes integrated with tools that are catalytic in attracting more customers, and hence your business will accomplish higher revenues.

    It has an inbuilt mechanism to analyse data and helps you identify the right products for the right consumer group, will have better control over sales and purchases, will witness efficient checkouts, and will be able to capture customer loyalty and create suitable reward mechanisms.

    Here is a curated list of salient features that you should look out for while adopting a grocery billing software:

    Inventory Management – Inventory tracking technology is the backbone of any advanced grocery billing solution. The grocery POS will notify you immediately if there is a shortfall of certain commodities in your inventory, in advance. This will give you enough time to re-stock and save you from facing the ire of a disgruntled customer. QB takes pride in offering such a solution as part of its standard offering.

    Tracking Sales – Advanced Cloud-based technologies and a robust grocery POS solution make it a breeze for you to manage your sales. For instance, let us take features provided by QueueBuster POS. This system can help you track purchases, returns of goods, preferences of customers, sales information, and supplier information all in one place for easy discovery. Moreover, if your store is having an existing loyalty program for customers, the preference details stored in QueueBuster POS will help to offer a tailor-made sales experience for every customer.

    Auto Reporting – Data and analyses are two pillars of business growth. An amazing feature of modern grocery billing solutions like the one from QueueBuster is that they can automate inventory, sales, and purchase reports at the push of a button. The reports can include goods purchased from suppliers, customer purchases, and discounts. You need to hire an external professional to manage your accounts can be eliminated as QB POS can also tabulate important information for tax preparation.

    Your days of manually extracting data from each division of your business operations will get over. If you are already using some standalone software for any individual task, the QueueBuster system can easily integrate with them. For instance, any credit card swiping mechanism can get integrated with the aforesaid system.

    Reward Programmes – Rewards and customer loyalty programs are a big draw for retail and E-tail chains. One of the attractions of grocery billing software provided by advanced systems like QueueBuster is that it allows you to offer discounts, loyalty points, and rewards to your customers that are quite similar to those being offered by the big guys! Needless to say that customers love deals and will keep coming back to you for more and more!

    Point-of-Purchase Advertisement – `Impulse buying’ by customers at the last minute is a strong magnet for sales. What you may not be aware of is the fact that advertisement at the last point of sales provides the necessary nudge to the customer for going all the way in. This is evident at every check-out counter of large retailers. Your grocery billing solution may have an on-screen customer-facing advertisement solution that can help you in your pursuit of increased sales.

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      Your grocery business needs digital transformation to go to a higher orbital of growth. In this fast-changing world driven by technology, you stand to lose out for showing hesitancy in adopting new ways of doing business. Check out with experts from QueueBuster as to what a great grocery POS solution can do for you and your grocery store.

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